Richard Rosenbaum

Revenge of the Grand Narrative

The oldest man in the world, an activist with a suspiciously persuasive singing voice, and the author of the most anticipated debut novel ever...are three different people. Together, they set out to investigate a mysteriously synchronistic earthquake that seems to have leapt from the world of fiction. With similarities to David Foster Wallace’s short stories, Rosenbaum introduces a semi-metafictional tale set in an almost-but-not-quite-science-fiction world.





“Revenge of the Grand Narrative is inventive, imaginative, and very funny – the sentences liquid and surprising. I instantly got all happily tangled in the amazing labyrinth of the plot and of Richard Rosenbaum’s fascinating mind. This is a crazy book by a wonderful writer.”

Sheila Heti


"Revenge of the Grand Narrative is a novel that brought a smile to my face in a way that no book has done since the metafiction class that I took in university."

- Worn Pages and Ink


"Rosenbaum expels doubts and debunks myths in a very simple, matter-of-fact manner....the book is multi-layered...demands your attention even after you finish reading it."

- Ottawa Review of Books