Richard Rosenbaum


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Richard Rosenbaum is a writer from Toronto. He is: the author of the short story collection "Things Don't Break" (Tightrope Books 2017); the novel "Pretend to Feel" (Now Or Never Publishing 2017); the novella "Revenge of the Grand Narrative" (Quattro Books 2014); “Raise Some Shell,” a book about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (ECW Press); a regular contributor to (the website that subjects the popular culture to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn’t deserve); and one of precious few survivors of an ill-fated expedition to discover the ruins of a hidden and nameless city erstwhile regarded by experts in the purview as mythological at best.

His work, both fiction and non-fiction, have appeared in, on, and immediately adjacent to numerous magazines, anthologies, and websites, including: Broken Pencil, Canadian Notes & Queries, Descant, Joyland, Found Press Quarterly, Cell Stories, Overthinking It, “GULCH: an assemblage of poetry and prose” (Tightrope Books) and “Neil Gaiman and Philosophy” (Open Court Books). Fortunate to have escaped with his life, if not, alas, his sanity, he has vowed never to speak of the accursed event in hopes of sparing human civilization from the grim tidings thence descried, foretold only in whispers by unseen revenants tween the calcite-carved monuments of unfathomable horror strewn throughout the detritus of its long-untended shrines and cemeteries. He was the editor of the short story anthology “Can’tLit: Fearless Fiction from Broken Pencil Magazine” (ECW Press).

Following his return to this obdurate layer of being, he has retreated to his ancestral island manor, where he was last glimpsed wearing a hideous mien of direful comprehension as he strengthens his stranglehold on the minds of the youth via the media of narrative fiction, sequential art, motion pictures, videogames, et cetera, in hopes of further extending his dominion over this unhallowed sphere…and thereby, perchance, to save it.

His favourite Turtle is Donatello.