Richard Rosenbaum


Stuff you can read for free


Wrong Side of Heaven - a short story published on the Tightrope Books website in honour of December Tenth

Invasion Games - a short story, one of the winners of the Ontario Book Publishing Organization's "What's Your Story, Toronto?" Competition 2016

The Fence - a short story from Joyland Magazine

Drawn & Quartered - a short story from CellStories

Things Don't Break - a short story from Broken Pencil Magazine

Miscellaneous reviews and non-fiction from Broken Pencil Magazine

 Stuff you can read for money

The Oughts - a short story from Found Press

Chicken Coup - a short story from GULCH: an assemblage of poetry and prose [Buy from] [Buy from]

American Monads - an essay from Neil Gaiman and Philosophy [Buy from] [Buy from]